Designing new products is a voyage of discovery fraught with risk. How do you determine what your customers really want? What should you make if you are to be successful? How do you use precious resources efficiently, sustainably and profitably?

We follow a comprehensive design process that enables us to See Through to identify unmet user needs, Break Through with innovative design solutions and Follow Through with complete product specifications.



See Through is a demographic research process that informs the entire design process. We meet with users and study their experiences, we look for patterns of recurring activity and discover unmet needs. We gain insights into users' expectations, reduce commercial risk and enhance market success. 

This is the most important part of the design process, because you won't hit your target if you can't see it.



Break Through is the creative process that leads to innovative product concepts. We combine appropriate aesthetics, functionality, human factors and financial objectives in compelling designs that respond to user needs.

We produce innovative concepts that resonate with your target audience and align with your business plan.



Follow Through is the realization phase where approved concepts are carefully developed into final products ready for market. We use powerful 3D CAD tools to build parts, assemblies and prototypes into fully-specified designs ready for production. We work closely with our clients' development teams and bring in our own experts as needed for each production requirement.

Our approach ensures the original design intent is carried through to the final product.